Getting your site listed with all the major search engines is a vital step in directing targeted traffic to your web site. Search engine giants like Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos and others generate thousands of visitors every day. A position within the Top20 will direct those visitors to your site.

Each search engine has different requirement for listing sites. These requirements are always changing and are not shared with the general public. At Design Creator, we constantly monitor those changes in order to achieve the highest possible placement for your company.

Our expert team will adjust the source of your page to include unique keywords, revise the site title and description, and optimize the text so that your web site becomes search engine friendly. They will also create a series of "gateway" pages, which are customized for each search engine, with key words and phrases that best describe the products and services that you offer. These special pages are made to appeal to the search engines in order to achieve the highest possible placement.

At Desgn Creator, we have available to us a variety of techniques to achieve high placement on all the major search engines. Call us today so we can begin assisting you in reaching as many potential customers as possible.
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